Progress for California's 1st Congressional District

Why You Should Support Jessica Holcombe

To bring the American dream within reach of working families and to bridge the gap between the wealthiest individuals and the majority of Americans, we must ensure that they have access to those rights which are fundamental to the prosperity of all Americans: a living wage, universal health care, increased eligibility for food stamps, subsidized daycare, more federal funding for public schools and free college tuition and vocational training.

My Background

Growing up as the oldest of seven kids in a family that lived below the poverty line, higher education was my best opportunity to make a better life and give back to the community.  Through a combination of government-funded loans, grants, scholarships, and part-time jobs, I received my college degree from Georgetown University.  After college, I joined the US Peace Corps in Russia and returned to California to receive my JD/MBA from UC Davis.  I later met my husband, Vincent, who is originally from Holland while I was backpacking and he was paragliding in Nepal.  We now live in beautiful Auburn.

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A Welcoming Nation

We will not allow the new administration to break up families and extinguish the flame held by the Statute of Liberty.  We welcome refugees, and I support immigration reform and a path to citizenship for our DREAMers, their parents, and for many whose home is America.

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Environmental Justice

Stemming the tide of global warming and greater reliance on renewable sources of energy are critical to protecting our planet as we know it and are necessary for our economic sustainability and security.

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Working Together

In our fight to protect healthcare, the rights of working families, our civil rights, and our environment, we must stand united and reach across the aisles to pass legislation supporting these critical goals.  As a business attorney, I frequently negotiate with those who have competing interests to find solutions that meet our key objectives.

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We Need Your Support